New portuguese “Gem”

Portugal is a country completely crazy about football! The rivalry of the 3 biggest clubs in Portugal makes fabulous talents appear every year! What is quite amazing for the size of the country!

Caixa Futebol Campus is Benfica’s training center and their youth academy, one of the best kept secrets in terms of youth talent.

Considered the best player that came out of CFC, João Felix is a rare talent!

Everything a 19-year-old doesn’t usually have, he does. Vision, tactical intelligence, resistance, quality of pass and a very accurate technique make him a desirable player.

The list of interested clubs is big, Juve, Barça, City, United, Real, … However, Benfica doesn’t seem to give in to temptations by fixing its clause in the 120 million.

What will be his next destination?

João Félix agaisnt Porto

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