Football Greed

Investment in clubs is destroying the intrinsic passion between fan and club.

Being a club supporter is something special! You do not choose from a big paper list, which club you support, you just feel it and normally that feel matches with one identity, with one badge!

Nowadays, having clubs that transmit a geographic region, a cultural identity, a sportive and eclectic philosophy is something that is starting to fading away…

Fig1. Premier League – Crystal Palace

Clubs like PSG and Leipzig show how a rich person/company hobby can destroy a club philosophy.

How could we ignore the fact of having fans supporting a rich person’s dream and not a club?

Why clubs are sold to foreign people?

The English Premier League is another case where clubs have owners. There is any club on the Premier League that doesn’t have foreign investment? But somehow fans accepted the fact of having a owner running their clubs like a monopoly game…

Clubs with big history are completely destroyed… Liverpool, Nottingham, Milan, Lyon…

Former owner of A.C. Milan – Li Yonghong

Meanwhile, rich clubs like Chelsea, City or PSG are dominating their leagues. Nevertheless, the two big clubs in the world are what I like the most, solid clubs with cultural identities and owned by the fans. I am talking about Real and Barcelona.

Should Barcelona be an example for other? Yes!


Can be copied? No, there is no way because the club values is what makes that club unique.


If the future brings clubs with investors behind, can be possible to block foreign investment? Should a club be owned by someone local?

If a club must have investors, they have to pass several tests to be in charge of a big club. Cannot imagine clubs like Athletic Bilbao being owned by a foreign invester… High values, cultural heritage is priceless.


This football season is going to end with rich clubs ending on top once again!

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